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WP Toko

Website Helper

Managed WordPress Hosting

It only takes a few mouse clicks and you have created your own WordPress page.

Your SEO Optimizer

The WP Toko Website Helper shows you which factors of your website have to be improved - and how you can carry out the optimization.

Create landing pages

Quickly and easily create a landing page in just a few steps. There are dozens of templates!

The WP Toko Website Helper combines design, online marketing and SEO. It's easy.

WP Toko Website Helper offers customized solutions to your requirements. How to get to the top of Google on page one, is at the latest with the WP TOKO website Helper clarified. With the individual version of the website helper, there are hardly any limits to what the “look & feel” As. 

Visible on Google on page 1: Not only for Google, but also for other search engines. With the K-Booster, YOU get know-how from SEO Trainer and Seo Lecturers in your hands. Easily explained and effective. This will make your site visible to the search engines.

Strong online marketing tools included
wp toko local business

We installed Elementor Pro and the Pro version of Generatepress, GP Premium - at the same time.

WP Toko Website Helper

Basic version
€ 69
69 Monthly, plus one-off 150, - onboarding web call with SEO ranking and traffic training with SEO trainer Jeroen Smid
  • Services included in this offer:
  • Managed WordPress Hosting with Content Marketing Trainer Setup
  • HTTPS automatically
  • Content Marketing Trainer Basic Setup with Elementor Pro
  • chargeable plugins, autoresponder connection
  • 50 GB storage space
  • Unlimited transmission capacity
  • Daily backup of the user account
  • Free e-mail support
  • Access Internet Academy Europe
  • DSGVO compliant: domain and hosting in their name. Hosting in Germany.

* The offer is aimed at local small and medium-sized businesses. All prices are exclusive of VAT. You can cancel your order at any time with effect from the end of the paid period of use. The minimum term is 6 months, then cancellable monthly.

You can cancel your WP Toko Website Helper at any time with effect from the end of the paid period of use, ie after the expiration of the minimum term, on a monthly basis. Your toplevel domain stays with you. The charge is made via Digistore24.

FAQ's and services

Questions & Answers WP Toko Website Helper

WP Toko Website Helper …… is this only for professionals?

Certainly not: 

Instead of being on your own, we help you get started with your new website.

We're here for you.

Just ask your questions below and you will get an answer. Please write only one request per e-mail. If you do, we can help you much faster. We usually manage to respond on weekdays to emails with just one request within 24-48 hours.

Please note our working hours: Weekdays from 08: 00 - 14: 00 clock. There is no working time on weekends and public holidays.

Yes, it is even necessary. No domain yet? We recommend, inter alia Namecheap.com.

So that the domain shows on our server in the Netherlands or Germany you have to adjust a few values ​​in the DNS settings of your domain provider. Of course we give you the values ​​and help you with any questions you may have.

No, hosting is already included in the Helper website. Your site is hosted on a high performance server (Germany or Netherlands), with very good speed and high availability!

Yes, up to 50 MB. But there are a lot of "professional" video hosters who offer excellent service and are sometimes even free (we use them ourselves). Of course, you can embed your Youtube videos in your pages (please note the DSGVO).

It usually takes up to 5 working days after your domain shows up on our server. The setup is very simple manual work. As already written here on the homepage: With the individual version of the Website Helper, there are hardly any limits when it comes to the “Look & Feel”. 

Your access will be sent to you by e-mail.

Important If you do not receive this e-mail after checking your SPAM folder, please write to: info@silverwoodadvisors.com.

Yes, you can create complete affiliate websites / landing pages and even Woocommerce shops. External costs for example Email Marketing programs like Mailchimp or extra paid Woocommerce plugins are not included in the price.

Summary WP TOKO Website Helper

You get help ordering from your WP TOko website:

  • Access to the Internet Academy Europe member area (Value Euro 49, - per month)
  • Managed WordPress Hosting (Value Euro 69, - per month)
  • Zig pre-installed landing pages that can be customized or even designed freely: Elementor Pro (Value USD 49 per year)
  • GP Premium by Generatepress (Value USD 49,95 per year)
  • WP Toko Maintenance and Security Setup. (Value Euro 29, - per month)
  • And the special setup of Jeroen Smid, International SEO Trainer and Lecturerto rank high on the search engines.
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