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WP Toko
Local Business Basic

Rent Local websites that rank! Become visible on Google in your city.

WP Toko
Local Business Basic

Just rent web pages and become visible on Google on page 1. Colors and photos can be changed. This also applies to the company address and opening times.

WP Toko Local Business Basic for Business

E-commerce is growing every year. Well-known but also startup companies are investing enormous sums in order to become visible in their city as well.

This means for local companies that it is quite difficult to keep up with smaller online marketing budgets.

More and more local businesses are threatened with closure or are already closed.

That's exactly why there are WP Toko Local Business.

wp toko local business

WP Toko Business Basic is suitable for all those companies

with the aim of,

WP Toko Local Business Basic - Services

WP Toko Local Business Basic consists of

Wp Toko local business website
  • An Local Business Product Website visible on Google Page 1 in your municipality. Examples: Basenfasten course Hirschaid, progressive spectacles offers Frankfurt, ISG blockade treatment Berlin, AmpliTrain Munich
  • Responsive and mobile optimized
  • Supplemented with one Youtube offer video
  • optimized Google Maps and Google my Business Entry
  • Web App optimized: Can be saved on the home screen of mobile phones (Apple / Android) as a web app

WP Toko conditions and FAQ's

  • Hosting in the EU
  • Domain included
  • ADV with hoster
  • Domain with SSL setup
  • Managed WordPress installation
  • General plugin installation
  • Tracking Plugins without 3rd Party Cookies.
  • Cookie opt-in / opt-out
  • Safesharing plugin
  • WP Toko Security Setup
  • DSGVO compliance plugin
  • Template / Layout WYSIWYG: we create it.
  • Webfonts / Google fonts off / self-hosted
  • Homepage, 2 further pages, 1 contact page, 1 x DSGVO compliant imprint and 1 x privacy policy
  • Seo Trainer Search Engine Optimization Setup
  • Content Marketing Trainer Setup
  • Internet Academy Europe Setup, Google UX Playbook optimized.
  • Setting cookie opt-in
  • Setting contact forms
  • Setting DSGVO checkboxes forms
  • Setting cache
  • Review interaction of all plugins
  • Creation DSGVO Privacy Policy
  • Creation DSGVO Imprint
  • DSGVO compliant social media buttons
  • Color customization and personalization
  • Contents of the website: WYGIWYS
  • Colors and photos can be changed. This also applies to the company address and opening times. Everything else including ranking we do.
  • Branded WYGIWYS video which ranks high on Youtube and possibly also becomes visible on Google. So we will not come over with a video team, but use pictures of your business.
  • Length about 1: 30 minutes.
  • The Youtube video is also installed on the website.

The webapp is a mobile-optimized website and will not be downloaded from an App Store. Thus, the restrictions and requirements of the App Store operators can be circumvented. Test it here. On Android devices, storage as a webapp is automatically offered on the phone / tab. With IOS devices one can place the page to the home screen as an app (also possible with Android).

We need to personalize the WPTOKO Local Business Basic Rental Website for you:

At least 6 pictures of your business and or product. More pictures and videos are always welcome! Plus:

  • Your business address
  • Your opening hours
  • Phone number and email address (shop)
  • Your current url where we can view your website
  • And if existing links to Facebook Business Page, Youtube Channel, Xing, Linkedin etc.

After ordering, you will be taken to our Thank You page where we ask for all of these things (you can upload it there). We also provide a questionnaire there which must be completed.

Within max. 5 working days after that, we suggest 3 various search terms related to your local business.

For example, if you are a veterinarian in Hamburg Altona who specializes in cats, then we will suggest, for example - cats veterinarian in Hamburg Altona - and / or - veterinarian for cats Hamburg Altona.

For example, if you are a sales partner at a dietary supplement company and want to promote exactly what you live in Berlin, then it would be, for example: Dietary supplement advice Berlin - plus USP - Well.

For example, if you offer varifocals in Frankfurt Westend then - varifocals Frankfurt Westend + USP - one of our suggestions ...

Many interested parties who are not completely familiar with online digital marketing - sub-area content marketing and SEO - will notice immediately that it may not help to rank on such search terms.

WP TOKO Local Business Basic is about Local Search:


By downloading the video you accept the privacy policy of YouTube.

Load video

Will it then only on such long concrete purchase requests or shorter variants?

The answer is simple: If you are the local specialist for, for example: - Cheap varifocals Frankfurt Westend - with a good Google Product UX website, combined with active social media, then there is a good chance that you will also be found under, for example: Progressive spectacles Frankfurt, Positions 1 and 2 (Vision System Store / West End Goggles plus Google My Business Links). This is not part of the WP Toko Local Business Basic Version.

Each page contains different terms. We do extensive research on your industry and examine what words your customers enter into Google to find your business or product. We optimize the location and then where potential new customers search specifically. It's based on Google Hummingbird searches combined with Google Keyword Planner and various other programs. This offer is therefore not suitable for search terms consisting only of 1 or 2 words.

Examples: progressive spectacles, nutritional supplements, earning money, bitcoins, etc.

Not that you think we would not be able to rank nationally or even internationally on a keyword (search term).

The SEO expert behind WP Toko is Jeroen Smid of Silverwood Advisors. Jeroen Smid is himself eg. on SEO Trainer National or even international. Tending to just 1 or 2 search terms is just another offer and has nothing to do with customers in your city who are looking for a specific offer or service locally and specifically.

Approximately 14 working days after receiving the required data.

Approximately 1 week after your website is online.

WP TOKO Local Business Basic websites have a minimum term of 6 months, then monthly terminable.

Cities, districts, districts and federal states in the DACH area, English and Dutch areas.

No, it has to make sense. Our WP Toko Local Business Basic rental websites work best for local businesses.

If you just want to be found on the search term -Brillen- or nutritional advice then this is not the right offer for you.

For example, if you offer low-priced varifocals in Aue - and would like to be found at -Cheap progressive lenses Aue - then you are exactly right with WP Toko Local Business Basic. And yes, the number 1 at Google (optician Hofmeister), we have created, as well as the Youtube video and images on Google on the page 1.

Important is the question what brings more when it comes to local business: To be found with just a generic search term or z. B. Local with clear USP, CTA and product offer / service.

No. If the potential customer wants nothing to do with local search results without USP / unique selling point in the title but only tendrils on like general / generic / national search terms like Progressive spectacles specialist (Visionsystemstore and various other placements on Google page 1 are looked after by us) - or also Cheap Fairtrade products (itsfairtrade.com is from us) etc., then this offer from WP Toko is not the right product for you. Certain niches such as X-rated and everything where the legal situation is unclear, we do not accept.

If you are unsure, then simply contact us via email info@silverwoodadvisors.com before ordering.


Basically yes, but if you make changes yourself and this results in a ranking problem in the search engine and / or technical problem we are not responsible. The same applies to changes in the DSGVO declaration and / or uploading images without reference and or installing new plugins. Every form of change is logged in the back office with a corresponding time stamp. Just contact us for smaller changes. The WP TOKO Local Business Pro Upgrade gives you more options (coming soon).

"My SEO agency says you should stay away from agencies that guarantee page-one results"

We hear that all the time. In fact, we tell our customers as well.

But to put it bluntly, we do not guarantee page-one results - new customers, sales and sales.

We guarantee that your website can be reached from the first page of Google.de search engine results directly or indirectly, within 6 months from the time of ordering. Not so, just get your money back.

So to answer that question: No! With WP TOKO Local Business, we solve one of the biggest issues online marketers face when it comes to increasing visibility and getting leads so they can get customer results.

Ranking on Google's first page is just the first step in getting your checkout ring.

Guaranteed success Visibility in Top 10 on Google (Desktop, Pad / Tab or Mobile)

The contract is deemed to be fulfilled if the WP TOKO Local Business Basic website created by us with the keywords or parts thereof either in the organic search on Google.de (for German speaking websites) either in the desktop, tab or ipad, or in the Mobile Version tendrils are visible on the first page or at Google Places on the first page or via Youtube videos, images and or social media and blog references indirectly on page one is accessible.

This is checked and verified monthly by us.

WP Toko Local Business Basic Websites: Only 1 visibility proof from one of the above mentioned channels and device variations is already enough.

Search settings on Google: Base in the incognito setting.

Should it happen in the course of the contract period that no more ranking is achieved and also not indirectly via videos, blog references, social media posts and pictures on the page 1 on Google (which is possible: we are not Google), then You can simply cancel the rest of the contract.

A compensation and repayment is excluded because the months before they were visible on Google on the page 1. They did not make any prepayments and the months before they were visible with the rental websites.

WP TOKO Local Business Basic: We think that's fair for all games.

WP Toko Local Business Basic

WP TOKO Local Business Basic

69 Monthly plus Euro 2000, - once when ordering *

The charge is made via Digistore 24

* The offer is aimed at local small and medium-sized businesses.

All prices are exclusive of VAT. You can cancel your order at any time with effect from the end of the paid usage period. The minimum term is 6 months, thereafter can be terminated monthly. With your order you pay the Euro 2000 plus the first monthly installment of Euro 69, so a total of Euro 2069 plus VAT. After that, rent for at least 6 months Euro 69. You can then cancel your order monthly. Your order will be debited via Digistore24.

With the Wp Toko Local Business Basic offer, we specialize in WordPress and offer a wealth of opportunities.

From websites already ranked (Done4you) Further development of existing websites or even live workshops.

WP Toko Local Business Basic - is an offering from Silverwood Advisors. Our CEO, Jeroen Smid is an international SEO trainer and founder of the Internet Academy Europe (Rankt auf ua Internet Academy) as well as developers of the Content Marketing Trainer and various whitelabels. Many well-known online marketing stars were on SEO seminars at Jeroen Smid and successfully implemented the know-how.

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