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Become an affiliate

Why become an affiliate

For each new customer who books on your recommendation, you will receive a commission!

Earn money

For each month in which the customer pays his contract via Digistore24, there is a compensation.

Your commission: 20% Lifetime

For self-made sales, ie self-referral direct customers receive a referral fee of 20 percent *.

Your commission: 20% lifetime.

* Less costs calculated by the Digistore24 and the tax office.

The Agbs of Digistore24.com

Affiliate Referral Program

In addition to a referral fee for directly referred customers, there is also a so-called affiliate referral fee in the amount of 10%.

You as an affiliate contractor then receive the set affiliate referral fee (10%) for each sale of the affiliate.
For example, if an affiliate for a sale receives 20 € and the affiliate referral fee is 10%, the affiliate will receive 2 €. The affiliate will receive 20 € as usual.

To be able to participate in the WP Toko Local Business partner program, you must - absolutely - have a DigiStore24 ID. If you do not have a DigiStore24 ID yet, please contact us HERE at DigiStore24.

WP Toko become an affiliate
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