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Protect your WordPress website!

WP Toko helps protect your WordPress based website against hacker attacks, malware and more.

WP Toko - Protect your WordPress website through professional maintenance

Our experienced WordPress specialists, for example, provide the necessary updates, backups and security checks. Your website 24 / 7 will be monitored.

This means for you: focus on your business and not on your website.

Do you have a WordPress based website?

WP Toko is a solution to protect your WordPress website: book only if you have a WordPress based website.

Your website is maintained by experienced WordPress specialists. The measures include, for example, the implementation of updates, security checks, backups and 24 / 7 monitoring.

So you can focus on your business as far as your website is concerned.

WP Toko - Protect Your WordPress Website - Achievements

  • WordPress Updates
  • Compatibility check of updates
  • Proactive fix for known update issues
  • Theme updates from theme providers
  • Plugin updates
  • Monthly revision of post reviews, databases and spam submissions
  • Daily check for known vulnerabilities
  • Daily check for malware and malicious code
  • Daily security backups of website and database
  • Monthly report on work carried out

What is not included with WP Toko?

WP Toko offers a maintenance and security service and no support hours for your website.

Example to make this concrete: 

Let's compare it to the recurring service on a plane to verify functionality and safety:

Included in the price are tire control, changing filters, general visual inspection and much more.

If defects in wearing parts are identified, such as flaps, brakes, air conditioning or even turbine, then that is Remedy of these defects not included in the price. 

So it can happen that WordPress simply removes the plugins they use from the list because the developer does not care anymore.

It can also happen that the WordPress template that you have purchased will no longer receive updates and will no longer be compatible with 100% and pose a security risk. 

It can also sometimes lead to conflicts that affect the appearance and operation of your website.

You can then decide for yourself - have it rectified or proceed with all risks.

We can advise you about solutions if desired and make you an offer that you can decide for yourself.

WP Toko - Protect Your WordPress Website -
Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a guarantee against hacker attacks, malware and other attacks?

A guarantee that your WordPress website is never hacked, etc. can be given by anyone, not even us. With WP Toko protect your website, unlike many other websites that have no maintenance and security service. With WP Toko you reduce the risk considerably.

Install something on my website?

Yes. We need an admin access and install some of our plugins to allow us to take care of your website. If you cancel, everything will be removed. You yourself do not notice too much of the plugins. You'll probably see your site getting a little faster.

Can WordPress and Plugin updates cause errors?

Yes, themes and plugins that are used in WordPress based websites are mostly coming from different developers. It is not to be concluded that with updates, these are no longer compatible with each other. If we can not solve it (many WordPress compatibility problems are known as well as their solution), we put the update back and submit you a solution (non-binding)

Do I have to change the hosting?


Term and termination

All prices include VAT. Minimum term 6 months, thereafter none. You can cancel your WP Toko - Protect your website - subscription at any time with effect from the end of the paid usage period, i.e. after the minimum term has expired.

The charge is made via Digistore 24


1 WordPress website
29 Per month.


2-3 websites
50 Monthly


from 4 websites and more
Monthly on request

The charge is made via Digistore 24

WordPress partner for changes and adjustments.

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We specialize in WordPress and offer a wealth of opportunities.

From websites already ranked (Done4you) Further development of existing websites or even live workshops.

WP Toko - Protect Your WordPress Website - is offered by Silverwood Advisors. Our CEO, Jeroen Smid is an international SEO trainer and founder of Internet Academy Europe as well as developer of Content Marketing Trainer and various whit labels

WP Toko - Protect Your WordPress Website -

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